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As we move into the final days of 2020 — a year we thought would never end — we give thanks to many of our faithful clients who have carried us through into this holiday season. We’re proud to support these enterprise-level companies who provide infrastructure to the cloud-based services we’ve all relied upon to keep us connected during this time.

Over the past year, we’ve continued to explore innovative ways of moving UX research into the design process — methods we would like to share. This issue of gotoinsights is dedicated to our enterprise clients, however, the techniques can be applied to experiences of all companies, large and small. Our best holiday wishes for renewed strength and resilience in 2021.


In this presentation, Kelly Goto along with ServiceNow’s Teena Singh and Chris Lindsley, go behind-the-scenes to discuss the transformation of ServiceNow’s customer support strategy for the Insights Association X Event in October.

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In one of our favorite articles, we revisit the 20 insights our Head of UX Strategy, Sean Dolan, prioritizes to utilize in your ongoing UX strategy across enterprise websites.

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In this in-depth case study, learn how to approach complex, content-oriented journeys using UX research and remote card sorting to dive into critical moments of decision-making.

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