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This summer we’ve had to adapt to new ways of working, playing and connecting to others. The BLM movement has brought diversity and inclusion to global awareness. With this in mind, we start with a candid discussion with two remarkable black designers in a dmi:Review interview.

As designers, inclusive and universal design means creating experiences that work for everyone, regardless of age, race or ability. This is especially relevant as we mark the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law last month. Learn more by listening to this podcast about Universal Design recorded earlier this summer.

Two conferences in particular met the remote challenge creatively and across multiple time zones: Canada’s Fluxible TV (FTV) broadcast and the SofaConf in the UK. Our founder Kelly Goto spoke at both events, on topics of remote ethnography and the importance of adaptive, universal experiences.

Finally, we conducted a global study on health and wellness—adapting through COVID-19 times. The results summarize findings from 15 countries—showing the diversity of culture and commitment to mental and physical health through challenging times. Read the report here.


Honest Perspectives on Race, Inclusivity & Design

Kelly interviews two amazing designers to uncover insights into the protests, current climate and attitudes towards design. A candid and very real discussion about the possibilities of change.

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Kelly Goto joins Timothy Keirnan on his podcast, Design Critique, for a discussion about universal design and related topics.

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Watch Kelly's presentation about the need for designers to embrace universal and inclusive design approaches.

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Upcoming : September 16th / 17th

Kelly will be speaking on Service Design, UX Research and the Power of Co-Creation at the Insights Association UX+CX+Insights = A Unified Voice of the Customer Conference.

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